Todd Frazier Fulfills Promise for Bat Boy with Down’s Syndrome

Photo courtesy of WikiMediaCommons.

In a culture where negative headlines get more press than the positive ones, some consider professional athletes as “money-hungry” or “egotistical”, but Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier proves the very opposite.

Teddy Kremer, the Cincinnati Reds bat boy, has Down’s Syndrome and he made two requests to the Reds: strike out 11+ batters for a free pizza and hit a home run.

Kremer went to Frazier and told him:

“You’re my best friend and I hope you hit this home run for me.”

Frazier‘s response was instant and heart-felt:

“I’ll hit you one.”

Frazier hit a home run for him and what happens after crossing the bases speaks for itself.

Moments like this show the human-side of professional athletes, as Frazier hit a home run not just for his team, but for a close friend of his. Todd Frazier has set a standard that all professional athletes need to have.


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