Malcolm Smith Undergoes Ankle Surgery; Super Bowl MVP Ready by Training Camp

Photo courtesy of WikiMediaCommons via Mike Morris’ Flickr.

The Seattle Seahawks inside linebacker and only Super Bowl MVP in their history Malcolm Smith has undergone ankle surgery to remove “loose bodies”. When the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks visited the White House, Smith was wearing a walking boot as a precursor to this surgery. Smith has overcome more serious situations.

Richard Sherman made sure his presence was known for tipping the Colin Kaepernick pass away from who he says is “sorry and mediocre”, Michael Crabtree, but if Malcolm Smith does not hustle back to the end zone and seal the game with the interception, the 49ers would have had a another chance to score.

The Seahawks then beat down the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the Super Bowl, and Smith made sure he was talked about after this game:

Smith also recovered a Denver fumble, and his cumulative “quiet/non-loudmouth” efforts were rewarded with Super Bowl MVP honors.

Smith immediately decided that he is giving the truck he earned to his mother (she has some style).

Smith will be back by training camp, which Seattle fans are looking forward to. Malcolm is the younger brother of Super Bowl XLII Champion Steve Smith, who won with the New York Giants over the New England Patriots.


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