NFL Spring Meeting Begins; Playoff Expansion and Super Bowl LII Talks Begin

Photo courtesy of Flickr via PhotoPin.

The NFL owners are having their annual spring meeting in Atlanta, Georgia and these topics are some of the most talked about, according to ESPN‘s Sal Paolantonio via SportsCenter:

    • The date of the NFL Draft conflicts with Mother’s Day, which is important to not only the players, but also the NFL franchises involved, and talks of moving it back a week earlier have begun
    • The location of the NFL Draft may change from Radio City Music Hall, New York City to a different city. Chicago and Pittsburgh have been mentioned but other cities are in talks
    • Expansion of the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams, which would remain as under 50% of the teams reaching the postseason, has begun its talks among owners
    • Playoff expansion would be the result of other worthy teams, Chicago (10-6) in 2012 and Arizona (10-6) in 2013, given the chance to compete in the postseason.
    • The voting for Super Bowl LII (52) in 2018 will be vouched for, with New Orleans (300 year anniversary), Minnesota (new stadium), and Indianapolis (Jim Irsay‘s first public address) as favorites to host the game

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