Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Phil Jackson Talk About New York Knicks Job; Interviewing Resumes

Courtesy of PhotoPin.

Phil Jackson has begun his search for his first head coach as president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks after Steve Kerrhad been nagged by a feeling” about taking the position and signed with Golden State. Next on the coaching list for Jackson is former Lakers (1990-1992), Bucks, Trail Blazers, and Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy Sr.

As a coach, Dunleavy Sr. is familiar with Jackson, when the Jackson-led Chicago Bulls defeated the Dunleavy-led Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals 4 games to 1. Dunleavy Sr. led the Lakers back to the first round of the playoffs in 1992, but did not advance further. Dunleavy had a stint in Milwaukee from 1992-1996 and joined the Portland Trail Blazers prior to the 1997 season. Dunleavy Sr. coached the Trail Blazers to the playoffs in all 4 years there, winning NBA Coach of the Year in 1999, and coached until 2001. Dunleavy Sr. led the Clippers to their first franchise series win since team the team moved from Buffalo to the west coast. Dunleavy Sr. stepped down from the Clippers head coaching position early February 2010.

The prior coaches have had occasional talks but this one has more serious implications.


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